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York Electricians Director appointed to PA Apprenticeship & Training Council

On October 11, 2018, York Electrical Institute Director Timothy Griffin was commissioned by Governor Wolf to serve on the Pennsylvania State Apprenticeship & Training Council.  The 11 member council consists of 4 employee representatives, 4 employer representatives, and 3 public representatives.  Duties of the council include establishing standards of apprenticeship within legal guidelines, tracking population and employment trends, promoting the apprenticeship model, identifying best practices, and review, discuss, and vote on any new programs up for approval.

Tim Griffin has a B.A. in Labor Education, a M.Ed. in Career & Technical Education, and a M.B.A.  He graduated from the York Electricians apprenticeship program in 2005 and has served as Director since 2011.  Tim also serves as the State Director of the Pennsylvania Apprenticeship Coordinators Association (PACA) representing around 115 different PA union building trades programs and 13,000 apprentices.  Programs associated with PACA graduate approximately 2500-3000 new journeyworkers each year.  These graduates are entering careers with family-sustaining wages, good benefits, and upward mobility.

The apprenticeship model has stood the test of time and is currently undergoing a resurgence of public interest.  This is an exciting time for apprenticeship and career & technical education.  As a long time advocate for apprenticeship, Mr. Griffin will work to grow apprenticeship in PA while promoting the high standards that it deserves.  Apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship are becoming increasingly accessible.  Pre-apprenticeships are easing the transition into registered apprenticeship by raising awareness of opportunities while helping participants meet the entry requirements.  Union Building Trades have relied on the apprenticeship model to maintain their workforce for well over 100 years.  New industries are now seeing the benefits of apprenticeship and looking to the council for support and approval.  Gov. Wolf has launched initiatives like PA Smart which helps to drive the conversation toward apprenticeships and STEM education.  This momentum will help to ensure PA has a well-trained workforce long into the future.

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