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As a guidance counselor or educator, you have the opportunity to help your students identify all options to ensure they make an educated decision about their future. While college is an option for some students, it is not, nor should not, be an option for all students.

College is not for those students who like to work with their hands and who do not want to work in an office all day. Many students also accumulate tens of thousands of dollars or more than $100,000 in debt. Furthermore, they are not guaranteed to get jobs in their field.

A York Electrical Institute apprenticeship places students, including your best and brightest students, in a position to have a successful career for their entire lives.

Students who successfully apply for an apprenticeship will earn while they learn, which allows them to work with and learn from journeymen and earn a good, livable wage. They will also receive classroom instruction to gain addition industry knowledge and take mandatory industry-leading OSHA training to ensure they are safe on the jobsite.

A first-year journeyman often make more money and receive better healthcare and retirement benefits than a recent college graduate.

We strongly urge you to discuss an electrical apprenticeship with the York Electrical Institute with your students. You can help your students join an industry that is in need of the next generation of electrical workers. As the Baby Boomer generation retires, there will be an ever-increasing need for highly-trained and highly-skilled electrical workers.

Help change their lives and let them know there are other options beside college. Introduce them to an exciting, lifetime career as an electrical worker.

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