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Course Description

The Interim Credentials Program provides an opportunity for students to take apprentice-level courses prior to high school graduation. It utilizes a learning approach that appeals to the high school student through technology-based bite-sized learning and activity assessments that diverts the learner to remediated content or forward progress. The program can be completed asynchronously and, on any computer, or smart device.

Completion of the Youth Boot Camp is a prerequisite for the Interim Credentials Program.  This program requires a substantial commitment of time and effort. We recommend beginning this program at the start of a student’s senior year to ensure time for completion prior to graduation. The program includes the following courses: Orientation, DC Theory, Blueprints, Codes & Safety, and Job Information. York Electrical Institute will also be holding monthly lab days at our training center to allow participants to complete the associated hands-on applications required of first-year apprentices.

Credentials Earned

The Interim Credentials Program is designed for advanced placement into any of the 270 IBEW/NECA Electrical Training Centers across the United States. Once the student completes the mastery of the Interim Credentials Program, along with graduation from high school, they can present the completion certificate to any of these training centers. Upon selection, student can qualify for advanced placement directly into the 2nd academic year of the 5-year electrical apprenticeship. Final entry into an IBEW/NECA apprenticeship program is dependent on the results of the selection process.

Students completing the York Electrical Institute – Interim Credentials Program will earn a Certificate of Completion from the electrical training ALLIANCE. Students completing this course will also be Guaranteed an Interview into the Registered Apprenticeship at York Electrical Institute. This course can increase a student’s chance of selection since they will have some industry training and a demonstrated interest in the field.

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