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All high school students should know there are more options for life after high school than going to college.

While college may be right for some people, it is not right for everyone. Even the best and brightest students may not find the idea of an additional four years of higher education appealing. Furthermore, the prospect of going tens of thousands or even more than one hundred thousand dollars in debt from student loans can be extremely unappealing. If you like working with your hands and spending some time outdoors, then college is not for you.

Additionally, many college students do not find work in their field. Those who do get a job in their field of study usually earn less money and receive worse healthcare and retirement benefits than a first-year I.B.E.W. journeyman.

There is an alternative to college, where you can avoid costly debt and begin a rewarding career. A career as an electrical worker will pay you more than most jobs that require a bachelor’s degree. By applying for an apprenticeship with the York Electrical Institute, you will have the ability, with some careful planning, to save up enough money to purchase a new car or truck or even buy your first home. You can begin living your life and come out ahead of your college friends, who will find themselves burdened with costly student loans and making less money than you. While your friends with degrees are forced to move back home with their parents, you can enjoy living in your own place.

A career as an electrical worker is not for everyone though. Potential applicants to the York Electrical Institute must be able to physically perform the work, be detail oriented, pass a drug test and show up to work and class on time, every day. High school students are urged to take math and science (particularly physics) courses to help them prepare for the apprenticeship program.

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