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Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

The York Electrical Institute strives to equip all our apprentices with high-quality training that leads to a good paying job. Through three pathways of pre-apprenticeship programs offered by York Electrical Institute, we continually train the next generation of Apprentices.

Youth Bootcamp

This York Electricians Youth Boot Camp is an introduction to becoming a construction or maintenance electrician. Students will become familiar with tools, materials, basic electrical theory, safety, and conduit bending.The course will culminate with an individual capstone project encompassing each of the skills learned to demonstrate student proficiency.

Interim Credentials

The electrical training ALLIANCE’s Interim Credentials Program provides an opportunity for students to take apprentice-level courses prior to high school graduation. The program can be completed asynchronously and, on any computer, or smart device.  Completion of the Youth Boot Camp is a prerequisite for the Interim Credentials Program.

Through all these programs, York Electrical Institute aims to put the best possible Apprentices into our Registered Apprenticeship Program, growing the electrical industry and positioning all students to have successful careers.

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