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Earn More

Higher Hourly Wages

Electrical workers who are employed by a York Electrical Institute signatory contractor generally earn more than their non-union counterparts.

Through the collective bargaining process, York Electrical Institute apprentices and journeymen receive a good hourly rate to reflect their skillset. The CBA also promotes gender quality as it ensures women are paid the exact same as men for doing the same job.

York Electrical Institute signatory contractors take care of their employees by paying them the Prevailing Wage, which keeps them motivated and focused to perform quality work on the jobsite. Electrical workers who make much less money may let their thoughts drift off while performing their trade, which leads to low quality work and may lead to potential injuries or worse.

A focused and motivated electrical worker who works safely and efficiently on the jobsite helps the contractor stay on budget and keep Workers’ Compensation rates low. These savings allow York Electrical Institute affiliated contractors to make competitive bids on jobs and keep their employees working.

York Electrical Institute apprentices and journeymen receive great healthcare, which often times has much lower deductibles than health insurance provided by non-union contractors. The savings from a good healthcare plan, while not immeasurable, leads to more money in the paycheck.

The bottom line result is what matters the most and the electrical workers who work for a York Electrical Institute affiliated contractor earn money than non-union electricians.

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