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The safety of our members is our number one concern

Working in the construction industry can be dangerous. Working with electricity further increases the risk of danger.

The York Electrical Institute is proud to offer our apprentices and journeymen industry-leading Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training to help keep them safe on the jobsite.

OSHA safety training, which is now mandatory for many of the projects our member work on, not only keeps electrical workers safe, but also ensures the safety of everyone else on the jobsite.

Safety is part of our collective bargaining agreement (CBA), as we believe workplace safety is a right that should be afforded to every worker. The York Electricians CBA mandates our members must follow all safety guidelines. Additionally, contractors must work to ensure safety precautions are taken on each jobsite as well.

If an electrical worker feels unsafe on the job, the CBA gives the electrical worker the right to immediately address this concern without having to worry about facing any retaliation by the contractor or project owner.

We want all of our members to return home safe to their families at the end of every shift they work.

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