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The Changing Face of Electrical training

The Electrical Industry is constantly evolving as we implement new technologies at a faster pace than most other industries.  The systems we install, the tools and materials we use, and the methods deployed are becoming more advanced and specialized.  Therefore, the way we train must keep up with that pace of change.  Through the electrical training ALLIANCE we are able to ensure our current and future apprentices receive the type of instruction necessary to meet industry needs.  We deploy a blended learning approach that capitalizes on advancements in educational technology through simulations, web resources, gamification, and other interactive features.  These methods enhance the classroom and lab work by allowing for the differentiation of learning and offering a safe place to practice complex skills.  

The online Learning Management System also gives us the ability to modify and update training much more quickly than traditional text books and workbooks.  This keeps the material relevant and up to date with current building codes.  Since the electrical industry is so dynamic, these courses are also available to all journeyman for upgrade training.  Any IBEW member can access these courses to stay on top of their trade.  Education does not stop with the apprenticeship.  We invest heavily in training to ensure worker safety and productivity regardless of where you are in your career.  Contact us to find out how you can get access to these valuable learning resources.    

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