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In recognition of United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) National Safety Stand-Down week, our students and instructors took time out of class to discuss fall prevention in the construction industry. This is a very real hazard that led to 370 fatalities in 2016 (BLS). As electricians, we often work at heights on ladders, in lifts, on roofs, and on towers and other structures. Often, the buildings and structures we work on are currently under construction and lack the safety mechanisms that are in place for the permanent occupants. Another challenge is that the site changes daily and new hazards are always presented.

People often recognize the craftsmanship that goes into projects but do not fully understand the hazards that the trades people had to overcome during construction. We encourage all construction workers to participate in this National Safety Stand-Down to Prevent Falls in Construction.

Use fall protection if you are working at 6 feet or more.
Know what equipment you need and how to properly use it.
Inspect your safety equipment thoroughly before each use.
Tie off Every Time.

Every workplace fall is preventable. Do your part to protect yourself and stop your coworkers if you see them doing something unsafe.
‚ÄčNo task or project is worth your life.



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